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Why does that TJ product taste so familiar?

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Because it’s the same as another product on the shelf of Whole Foods.

Just cheaper.

Chowhound exposes:

Enough is enough.

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Review: Chocolate cake mix

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While I was underwhelmed about the yellow cake mix and frosting, the chocolate cake mix was wildly successful. I made cupcakes for a Halloween party, in which we stuck Milano cookies on top as tombstones!

If there was one defining characteristic of the cupcake, it’s the moistness. Like an insta-humidifier, it made even the pumpkin muffins in the shared tupperware super-moist. It made the Milano cookies soft. The paper wrappers were almost soggy.

But complaining that a cupcake is too moist is like complaining the weather is too nice, or that sushi is too fresh. The chocolate taste was not overwhelming, nor too sweet. Just right.

I used melted butter instead of oil in the mix, and used TJ’s chocolate frosting mix. Fabulous.

You can’t really see the photo below, but if it were touchable I guarantee you your fingers would be moisturized, not to mention tasty.

Chocolate cake mix: 4.5/5 pelts


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