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Review: Froyo

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Trader Joe’s Plain Non Fat Frozen Yogurt

I don’t know about you, but I loveeeee froyo. While I’m not a huge fan of ultra-tart Pinkberry (I prefer Yogurtland or the sadly-now-defunct YoBerry. RIP.), I will order frozen yogurt if it is available.  I like slightly more sweet froyo, especially if you dump a pound of mochi on it. I once went to a Red Mango and just ordered the mochi. “Just the mochi?” said the cashier. “Yeah, just mochi.” “You don’t want yogurt?” he replied. “Nope, just mochi.” He gives me a strange look. “Look, I know it’s weird, but it’s so good and chewy,” I said. “Oh… kay.” Seriously, can’t a girl go into a frozen yogurt shop and just order a topping without getting a look like I just spoke in Martian?

The sad thing is most frozen yogurt joints are pretty far from me without a car. A couple years ago, I lived literally 3 minutes away from a frozen yogurt shop. I remember going there in the dead of winter and then running back home with it, freezing to death without a coat but warm inside knowing that my froyo was not going to melt. I realize the imagery is a bit sad.

So it was with utter joy when I saw this groovy-artistic carton screaming “pleasantly tart with active cultures”  in the frozen foods aisle at TJ’s. Froyo in a carton?!

If you like your frozen yogurt tart, and I mean tart– pucker your lips, kiss a lemon–then I would recommend TJ’s froyo. It’s not unbearably tart, but definitely not sweet.  At all. So I was surprised to read it actually has 13 grams of sugar for something so unsweet.The texture is more ice-creamy than froyo-y for obvious reasons, and usually I have to let it stand for a few minutes so the iciness will thaw out.

I’ve tried several toppings with it. Nutella (no), cookie crumbs (not bad), cranberry-apple butter (um, if you like tartness extra tarty),  frozen fruit (doable), and raspberry jam (the best, strangely enough, to balance the tart flavor).

I miss the consistency of froyo though. The smooth creaminess of it all. But this culturally- active tarty little number will have to do.

Trader Joe’s Plain Non Fat Frozen Yogurt: 3/5 pelts

Liquid Happiness and the Right to Buy It

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Because of some arcane blue laws that ye olde Massachusetts is insistent on maintaining, many grocery stores in the city don’t sell alcohol. This poses a problem when one is trying to stock a party. My friend and I went to Trader Joe’s after hitting up another grocery store, and she marveled that this TJ had a huge alcohol aisle, lined with three-buck chucks and Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ales. The food-demonstrator-sample-guy overheard her verbalized amazement and proceeded to launch into a spirited soliloquy (yes I just wanted to use that word) about how archaic Massachusetts is and how liquor stores have outright lied to campaign against allowing grocery store alcohol sales.

A quick Google search does not reveal much about why certain stores can sell alcohol while others cannot, especially in the same city.

However, it was very entertaining watching this TJ crew member yell over a crowd about something involving the liquor store lying liars who will stop at nothing to prevent grocery stores from selling liquor. I think the surrounding customers were too focused on his manicotti samples and free coffee to bother listening.

I always appreciate colorful characters.


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