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Why I Heart Trader Joe’s

In Uncategorized on 02/17/2010 at 4:43 am

Reason #192: Because they give out free stickers.

This past weekend, I stood in line behind a woman and her little daughter. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them until I saw the cashier hand a strip of stickers over to the little girl. They looked sort of someecards-y with ye olde time vintage illustrations, minus the scandalous text.

I had to have it.

As the cashier rung up my flour and milk, I went back and forth in my mind about asking for stickers. I’m a 26-year-old woman, dammit! That’s like 20 years older than that girl. Aren’t my Lisa Frank days over? What was I going to stick them on, my taxes binder?

Who cares? I had to have it.

“May I please have some stickers too?” I asked sheepishly. The cashier obliged, without a shred of judgment (I would think).

I walked home with a big fat smile on my face, wondering what inanimate objects I could rebrand. Maybe my reusable lunch bag. It’d bring me back to the days of my (lavender, perfect) My Little Pony lunchbox during elementary school! My roommate can testify to how excited I was when I came through the door and proudly showed off my new stickers.

Sometimes it amazes me how easily pleased I am.

Review: Cat Cookies

In Uncategorized on 02/10/2010 at 2:15 am

I do not like cats. They are usually mean, cold, selfish little things that do not hold a candle to the loyal, adorable, loving dog. However, in recent days, dozens upon dozens of cats have flooded my apartment and I could not be happier.

I am of course talking about Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies. They’re low-fat crunchy delicious cat-shaped cookies (helpfully, the package disclaims they’re “for people”), and this particular flavor–ginger– is enticingly snappy and tasty.  They also come in chocolate and cinnamon. They’re bite-sized, which means you can consume handfuls without feeling guilty. However…

Warning: they are extremely addicting. I bought a tub on Friday evening and by Monday, one of my roommates had to buy a new tub to replace them. We cannot keep our paws off this thing. Someone will open the tub, then we’ll close it, then we’ll open it again, close it, only to open it again.

In fact, after our second tub, I declared that we had to stop buying them, for reasons related to this compulsion.

Our apartment is once again No Cats Allowed.

Cat Cookies: 5/5 pelts


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