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Review: Oatmeal Complete, original flavor

In Uncategorized on 04/14/2010 at 1:32 am

Were you one of those children who liked to eat paste? If you would like to relive those fond elementary school memories, then boy, does Trader Joe’s have the product for you.

From a health standpoint, Trader Joe’s Complete Oatmeal sounds like the perfect meal. The nutritional merits are manifold: 35% of daily value of calcium, B6 and B12 vitamins, folic acid and flax, and 2 grams of soy protein. Never mind that I don’t know what good the B vitamins do, this thing sounds like a super food! Of course, there is a catch…

Normally, I eat a cup of oatmeal at my desk in the mornings. I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal, but it’s fast and filling and efficient for breakfast fuel. For awhile, I bought Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal in apple and maple/brown sugar flavors. I wondered if I could cut back on my breakfast sugar intake (if anything, to make room for more desserts at night) and boost my nutritional and vitamin intake. Enter Trader Joe’s Oatmeal Complete in original flavor, with a sparse 2g of sugar. Hearty sustenance, without the sugar guilt.

But alas, even my well-trained palate could not take it. I can delude myself into eating soy nuggets. I eat bagels, bread, sandwiches, potatoes, etc. unadorned and unslathered (if I eat them at all). I can eat steamed broccoli for dinner and soy ice cream for dessert without envy. But getting through a cup of Oatmeal Complete was a task. It was grueling.

Edible glue. Elmer’s should slap a label on this thing. Even diluted with more water than called for, even when I added slivers of almond and raw brown sugar, it still tasted like glue.  I felt like maybe instead I should have just mixed in some glitter, slapped it on construction paper and called it a day.

To give it credit, it is quite filling. Also, it is a product of Canada. Oh, Canada, it’s okay. Low crime, bad oatmeal. Can’t have it all.

Oatmeal complete, original flavor: 1/5 pelts

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  1. I have made the oatmeal using a spiced tea (like chai) instead of water and some ground cinnamon – it is quite good this way

  2. First of all, it’s difficult to eat unflavored oatmeal when one’s been spoiled with the sugary apple cinnamon, maple sugar, etc varieties. Second, I have found that the only way I can ever eat oatmeal is if I prepare it with skim milk. It adds creaminess, as well as more protein! Seriously, give this packet one more try. This time, add skim milk instead of water, and microwave for 1:30. (I also add a tiny bit of salt and sugar if need be)

  3. I completely agree with this review…I eat oatmeal plain all the time, with maybe just a little plain soymilk and I love it…this stuff is horrible. I am going to return the box.

  4. This is a completely accurate review. I am currently choking down my first and last packet of the box I bought yesterday!

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  5. i second the comment about the steel cut oatmeal!

  6. haha i’m sure it was “gruel”-ing…..hahaha
    but seriously, i liked tj’s frozen steel cut oatmeal…that’s tasty stuff

  7. I’m an oatmeal addict, so naturally I was getting excited as I started reading about this new healthy oatmeal. I was disappointed to find that this oatmeal is so bad that even sugar could not redeem it. Dang it!

  8. Next time try adding raisins, sunflower seeds and honey. Yum!

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