Snacking on life, living off snacks.


Hello, my name is Evelyn and I’ve been a TJ Junkie for 6 years, 1 month, and a few days. It started in 2003, in San Diego. Southern California grocery store unions (for workers at Ralphs, Albertson’s, Vons/Safeway) were having a strike, and my roommates and I did not want to cross picket lines. Instead, we ventured to Trader Joe’s, where Hawaiian-shirt decked workers bustled about merrily in their culinary paradise without a worry in sight. I quickly went bananas over the quirky chill atmosphere, beautiful chalk signs, huge selection of snacks, open embrace of whole wheat, low prices, and new products.

Fast forward to 2009. In a dream come true, I now live literally a few minutes away from a Trader Joe’s. I raid it often, a little too often. Sometimes I just walk around the aisles, like a lost child in Disneyland, in awe of everything. In this blog, I will document my snacky adventures. Note that I don’t intend for this to be blatantly free PR. Instead, it’s just one fan’s musings; odds are also good that I will venture off and write about things only tangentially related to Trader Joe’s. Either way, if it’s fun, yummy, or interesting… it’s game.

  1. Hey Evelyn,
    Your story about becoming a Trader Joe’s junkie is very much mine as well. My hubby and I had moved to Pasadena in late ’02 and also started shopping regularly at Trader Joe’s during the strike…and we totally fell in love with the store. We moved out of state after he finished school, and much to our delight, Trader Joe’s moved into our state that same year. Dream come true!

  2. Evelyn, We are looking for community founders for a new social media review site. If you are interested, please let me know, I would love to send more information and talk to you about it.

  3. Hey awesome! Did you explain why the scoring is via “pelts?”

    • Wow. 90 feeds from 150? Nice. I need to do some pruning as well. I have 271 ativce feeds right now. A lot of duplication in there. Thanks for the info on Alltop. I would have thought it was a splog site or something that was just listing links.

  4. ok u’r making me want to visit my neighboorhood TJ’s. haven’t been to one in like 2 years?! haha.

  5. +1 for Sharon’s idea of getting married in a TJ.

  6. Your words make my gastric juices yearn to break down TJ snacks… crap I want some of their beef jerky and sweet potato chips with ridges….

    • Craig Posted on I don’t know if 8 hours of utility there’s much or not. But I wdolun’t buy a HP mini laptop, because first of all it’s more expensive than a normal dimensioned laptop.Not running modern games on high detail settings is a bad point also.

      • Hi Leah, like most good things on the iennrtet, I stumbled upon this blog quite by accident. I love your idea and as well as KLEE RADIO, I publish Northside This Week which reaches readers in the Bouladerie, Point Aconi, Bras d’Or, Sydney Mines and North Sydney areas. I would love to write a story about your blog and your Dream Big Cape Breton . Let me know when you get a little time and we can make a time to listen to your story Glen

  7. You know the only thing that would top this dream come true? If the minutes currently separating you and TJ could turn into mere seconds instead! I’m not kidding. When I fell into a school-induced funk, I’d often drive to TJ’s so that I could eat samples and feel rejuvenated. I wish we could roam the TJ aisles together. Could you please get married in a TJ? I think a TJ-themed wedding could break the cookie-cutter ceremonies out there.

    I think this is an ingenious site! :) By the way, I tried the TJ almond butter for the first time yesterday and ohmygoodness mmmmmmmmmm. I grabbed a spoon and sailed right in. Nevermind that this occurred at work while I was hunched in front of the refrigerator! TJ recently started featuring a very divine blueberry tart in the frozen foods aisle. It has an unpretentious and tasty shortbread crust. Try it, you’ll like it!!!!

  8. Have I told you lately that you’re awesome?

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