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Review: Organic evaporated cane juice sugar (aka rice cooker cake)

In Uncategorized on 10/28/2009 at 4:29 am

I’ve been wanting to make rice cooker cake for awhile. I first learned of it through an email forward with a Taiwan missionary’s recipe. But first, due diligence was necessary. I decided to google “rice cooker cake,” and read about 5 pages worth of webpage results. Gotta make sure it’ll work, since a rice cooker is indispensible!

Instead of the email recipe, I used a regular chocolate cake recipe from the Joy of Cooking. Actually, it’s a vegan recipe with oil instead of butter, but it tastes normal.

Still, I was worried about this cake because the original recipe called for a steam cooker, which is not exactly a rice cooker I’m thinking of. The former involves an outer rim of water, and the latter is just a matter of pressing the little lever down.

And press I did. In the course of 2 hours, I pressed the cook function more than a dozen times. I had a minor freak out when the button refused to be pressed down, but it just meant that I had to wait a few minutes before trying again. The sensor needed the pot to cool down.

The result? A pretty moist chocolate cake, but with a dry outer crust.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if only for the novelty. But only if you have a lot of patience.

The thing about the cake was that it also wasn’t very sweet at all. I’ve baked most of my goods with TJ’s expensive organic cane sugar not because I want to yuppify my brownies or cookies, but because that’s the only sugar they sell. I appreciate the large, pretty crystals, especially for decorative purposes, but I do think they are less sweet than your regular C&H. Baked goods turn out barely sweet. This is good in some senses, but for the harsh and strong American palate, on which sweet and salty are carried to extremes, my cake might have been too ambiguous to be called sweet.

I’m not going to rate the sugar, but let it be said that if you want your baked goods to sparkle without too much sweetness, it’s your cup o’ sugar.



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